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CHASING LIGHT   2018 - 2020


Fascinated by the ever changing nature of light, I was inspired to break away from traditional quilting and explore a process of sculpting hand-dyed fabrics into three dimensional shapes to evoke a more complex and intimate relationship with the ephemeral qualities of light and shadow.  In this series I’m primarily using the ancient Japanese Shibori techniques of resist dyeing to achieve modulated patterns in my hand-dyed fabrics. 

Spatial Relations Crop for cover.jpg



Spatial Relations began with a basic geometric form - the triangle.  What followed was a meditation on space, and an exploration of the intricate relations between forms, and between figure and ground.  I’ve started “drawing” with needle and thread on top of existing forms, creating inner dimensions that resonate like ripples or mirrored reflections.  The “drawing” on fabric also allows me to create shades of transparency and depth within the picture plane, as my imagination plays with the push and pull of space. 

Bold Strokes crop for cover.jpg

SHAPING SPACE   2014 - 2016


The works in Shaping Space were assembled for one woman exhibition at the Visions Art Museum in San Diego, CA.  The pieces are an elaborate exploration of curves and contours as they mingle and intertwine.  The expressiveness of a curved line can be so serene, or evocative, and the interplay between colors and forms as they appear to weave through space intrigues me, despite the technical challenges.  To view a body of work in retrospect affords a vital perspective, like a distant view of the path one has just travelled, or a series of views that can provide insight into important steps along the journey.

A Tall Order crop for cover.jpg



I strive to convey a lot of energy and movement within my work.  Yet, I try to create my compositions to allow the eye to pause, to rest, to contemplate in its journey around a quilt.  I like to think of my work as having spaces in between.  The spaces may be the neutral areas in a work which is bursting with color, they may be in an area of strong color or emotion amid an otherwise quiet palette, they may emerge from a juxtaposition of line with shape.  Within each piece, the perception of the spaces in between will vary from one viewer to the next.

TheInnerSanctum crop for cover.jpg



Patterning, juxtaposing color, arranging, restructuring, allowing for serendipity - these are some of the words I think about when trying to explain how I approach a composition. Sometimes I work from sketches, either in fabric or on paper, which I “grow” into larger finished quilts.  However, often I begin by experimenting with configurations on a design wall and then try to step out of the way to let my unconsciousness thoughts assert themselves into the design process. 

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